Angel Fuchs

Angel is the owner/editor of Yay Baby! a mom friendly lifestyle blog with a focus on family, fun and food! She's an avid home-cook and has created award-winning recipes for national food brands. Her main job is personal assistant and private chauffeur to her five year-old daughter, Jax. When Angel isn't writing, cooking or entertaining the kindergartner, she enjoys binge watching CW teen dramas and trying to broaden her picky-eater husband's gastronomic horizons. 




Suzanne has competed and won many national contests and awards for her cooking skills throughout the years. You can find her recipes and photos published in many magazines and cookbooks. One of her most noted victories came this year when Suzanne’s cooking and competitive skills helped her earn the title of “The World Pasta Champion” not only once, but twice. In this competition she proved she has the ability, talent and knowledge to compete and win against other home cooks and professional chefs from around the world. Suzanne currently appears weekly on Midday Arizona, and was featured as the host of “Food, Fame and Fortune,” Food Network’s, “Christmas Cookie Challenge,” and “Cooks vs. Cons” this past year. Suzanne has managed recipe and concept development, as well as advertising campaigns and promotions for numerous national brands. You can find out more about Suzanne by visiting her website

R.J. Price is the Vice President of Marketing + Events at Downtown Phoenix Inc., an advocacy group whose mission is to energize Downtown’s sidewalks and make Phoenix one of the nation’s next great cities. He’s also a fervent taco rights activist who believes that no taco should be left behind—even ones topped with yellow cheese and served on a flour tortilla.