• Small, lightweight backpack (drawstring bag or purse)


• One (1) sealed bottle of water


• Camera (professional equipment allowed, but not encouraged)


NO glass bottles or cans (1 sealed plastic water bottle is permitted)


NO skateboards, scooters, or hover boards


NO GoPro / mobile video poles, sticks, or selfie sticks


NO umbrellas or shade structures


NO chains or spiked clothing (ie. wallet chain, vest with sharp spikes)


NO weapons of any kind (knives, guns, mace/pepper spray, tasers, etc)


NO laser pointers or artificial noise makers


NO fireworks or explosives


NO aerosol cans (including can / spray sunscreen)


NO alcohol or illegal substances


NO small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka Drones)


Where is the event located?

The event is located at

Unexpected Art Gallery, ​

734 W. Polk St Phoenix, AZ 85007



Can I take public transportation to the event?

Yes, the Valley Metro system provides public transportation throughout the greater Phoenix metro area.


Bus routes 1, 3, and 7 all stop at Van Buren and 7th Street. Light rail stops at 3rd Street and Washington (west bound) and 3rd Street and Jefferson (east bound).


Visit for routes, pricing and tips to plan your trip.


Are there any hotels located within walking distance of the event?

Yes, there are many wonderful hotels in the Downtown Phoenix area. Please visit our partner site here for a full listing of recommended hotels.


Do I have to show my I.D. to purchase beer or liquor?

Picture I.D. is required to purchase or consume alcohol. Your I.D. will be checked upon entrance into the event and could be checked randomly as asked throughout the event. Rockin’ Taco Rumble is a 21+ over event only, no underaged admission including toddlers/babies.


What is the cost of admission to this event?

General admission tickets are $45 online $55 at the door (while supplies last)

Includes unlimited taco sampling + six alcohol beverages.


Rockin’ Taco Rumble is a 21+ over event only, no underaged admission including toddlers/babies.


What methods of payment can I use to purchase my admission ticket?

You can purchase your admission ticket in advance via the website using a credit/debit card. On the day of the festival, cash is the only accepted form of payment.


Is there an admission cost for children?

Rockin’ Taco Rumble is a 21+ over event only, no underaged admission including toddlers/babies.


What is your refund policy?

All sales are final, there are no refunds.


Will there be ATM machines?

Yes, there will be ATM machines located the entrance and throughout the event.


What is your inclement weather policy?

This is a rain or shine event.


Can I bring my pet?

Only service dogs will be permitted.


Will there be emergency assistance available onsite?

The Phoenix Police Department will be on hand to ensure your safety.

Call 911 for any medical emergencies during the event.


How can I become an event sponsor?

For information on how to become an official sponsor, contact

Landon Evans


How can I become an event vendor?

For information on how to become an event vendor,

email us now


We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and memorable experience for all event guests. In order to do so, a strict code of conduct has been created and all event participants and patrons are expected follow these rules.


Guests will show respect for the event location, grounds, coordinators, vendors, sponsors and participants by leaving the following items at home:


• Firearms, knives or other weapons

• Coolers and outside food or beverage

• Bicycles, skateboards, skates

 The following actions will result in immediate ejection of festival grounds:

• Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone.


• Possession or use of illegal drugs or excessive and irresponsible use of alcohol. Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property.


• Taunting, abusive or disruptive language and obscene gestures.


An individual participating in any of these behaviors will be removed from the event and passes will be revoked. In certain situations, the offender may be arrested.